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Academy - Class in
An Academy is a place where PCs may learn new Skills / SkillSets.
Academy() - Constructor in Academy
AcademyAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
AcademyAdminController() - Constructor in AcademyAdminController
AcademyController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
AcademyController() - Constructor in AcademyController
AcademyLevel - Class in
Maps the level a player character has achieved in a specific academy.
AcademyLevel() - Constructor in AcademyLevel
AcademyService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
When a player character joins a guild, he or she gains the access to all academies of that guild.
academyService - Property in AcademyController
AcademyService() - Constructor in AcademyService
academyService - Property in BootStrap
academyService - Property in GuildController
AcademySkillSet - Class in
An Academy offers n SkillSets of a specific level.
AcademySkillSet() - Constructor in AcademySkillSet
acceptApplication() - Method in GoblinOrderController
accountExpired - Property in UserAccount
accountLocked - Property in UserAccount
action - Property in MeleeFighter
ACTIVE - Enum Constant in FighterState
active - Property in QuestTemplate
A quest template that is available to players is marked as active.
actor - Property in MeleeAction
addAttackAction(def, def) - Method in MeleeService
addCategory() - Method in ShopController
addCreatureCombatAttributes(def, def) - Method in Creature
addCreatureCombatAttributes(def, def) - Method in Mob
addFaction(ReputationMessageMap, Faction) - Method in RmmService
addRecipient() - Method in AddressBookController
AddressBook - Class in
AddressBook() - Constructor in AddressBook
AddressBookController - Class in
AddressBookController() - Constructor in AddressBookController
addRoles(def) - Method in UserController
addSkillSetToLearningQueue(PlayerCharacter, AcademySkillSet) - Method in AcademyService
addUseItemAction(def, def, def, def) - Method in MeleeService
AdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
AdminController() - Constructor in AdminController
affectedProperty - Property in ItemAttribute
ajaxDenied() - Method in LoginController
The Ajax denied redirect url.
ajaxSuccess() - Method in LoginController
The Ajax success redirect url.
alive - Property in PlayerCharacter
alive() - Method in ProductionJob
Check if the ttl (time to live) of this ProductionJob is still positive.
allowedMethods - Property in RoleController
allowedMethods - Property in UserController
amount - Property in Component
amount - Property in Dice
amount - Property in Item
amount - Property in ProductionJob
amount - Property in ProductionResource
amount - Property in RequiredSlot
applicant - Property in OrderApplication
applicationMessage - Property in OrderApplication
apply() - Method in GoblinOrderController
Join an existing order
archiveMail() - Method in MailBoxController
Artist - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
The Artist class is used to keep track of who contributed graphical assets to the game.
Artist() - Constructor in Artist
ArtistAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ArtistAdminController() - Constructor in ArtistAdminController
AT_HOME - Enum Constant in ItemLocation
attack(Creature) - Method in Creature
attack() - Method in MeleeController
attack(MeleeAction) - Method in MeleeService
auth() - Method in LoginController
Show the login page.
authAjax() - Method in LoginController
The redirect action for Ajax requests.
authenticationTrustResolver - Property in LoginController
Dependency injection for the authenticationTrustResolver.
authfail() - Method in LoginController
Callback after a failed login.
author - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
authorEmail - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
automaticTransition - Property in QuestStep
availability - Property in ItemType


BaseController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Base class for Controller classes.
BaseController() - Constructor in BaseController
BaseTest - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Base for test classes.
BaseTest() - Constructor in BaseTest
baseValue - Property in ItemType
beforeInsert() - Method in UserAccount
beforeUpdate() - Method in UserAccount
belongsTo - Property in Academy
belongsTo - Property in AcademyLevel
belongsTo - Property in AcademySkillSet
belongsTo - Property in AddressBook
belongsTo - Property in ChatMessage
belongsTo - Property in ChatterBox
belongsTo - Property in Combat
belongsTo - Property in CombatMessage
belongsTo - Property in CombatMessageArg
belongsTo - Property in Component
belongsTo - Property in CreatureAttribute
belongsTo - Property in CreatureSkill
belongsTo - Property in EncounterMob
belongsTo - Property in EquipmentSlot
belongsTo - Property in GuildAcademy
belongsTo - Property in GuildMember
belongsTo - Property in Image
belongsTo - Property in ItemCategory
belongsTo - Property in ItemTypeFeature
belongsTo - Property in LearningQueueElement
belongsTo - Property in Mail
belongsTo - Property in MailBox
belongsTo - Property in MeleeFighter
belongsTo - Property in Mob
belongsTo - Property in MobImage
belongsTo - Property in OrderApplication
belongsTo - Property in PlayerCharacter
belongsTo - Property in PlayerMessage
belongsTo - Property in PlayerProduct
belongsTo - Property in Product
belongsTo - Property in ProductionJob
belongsTo - Property in ProductionResource
belongsTo - Property in Quest
belongsTo - Property in QuestStep
belongsTo - Property in QuestTemplate
belongsTo - Property in Reputation
belongsTo - Property in ReputationMessage
belongsTo - Property in RequiredSlot
belongsTo - Property in Shop
belongsTo - Property in ShopCategory
belongsTo - Property in SkillRequirement
belongsTo - Property in StepChild
belongsTo - Property in UserRole
belongsTo - Property in WeaponAttribute
bonus - Property in Dice
BootStrap - Class in BootStrap
BootStrap() - Constructor in BootStrap
buildPersonModel(def) - Method in UserController
buy() - Method in ShopController


calculatePrice(def) - Method in ShopOwner
Calculate how much a player character has to pay
calculatePriceModifier() - Method in ShopOwner
calculateSellPrice(def) - Method in ShopOwner
Calculate how much the shop owner will pay for a given item.
calculateSumOfItems(ItemType) - Method in PlayerCharacter
Calculate the sum of all items of a specific type.
camelContext - Property in MessageSenderService
cancelEdit() - Method in AcademyAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ArtistAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in CategoryAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ComponentAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ConfigAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in DiceAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in EncounterAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in FactionAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in FeatureAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in GuildAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ImageAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ItemAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ItemFeatureAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in LicenseAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in MobAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ProductAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ProductCategoryAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in QuestAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in QuestGiverAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in QuestStepAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in RepMessageAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in RmmAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ShopAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in ShopOwnerAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in SkillRequirementAdminController
cancelEdit() - Method in TownAdminController
cancelProductionJob() - Method in ProductionController
Cancel a ProductionJob.
canEquipItem(Item) - Method in Creature
Check if this creature can equip an item.
CaptchaController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
CaptchaController() - Constructor in CaptchaController
carryItem() - Method in ItemController
Category - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Categories allow the game designer to create groups of items and shops which buy / sell them.
Category() - Constructor in Category
CategoryAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
CategoryAdminController() - Constructor in CategoryAdminController
CategoryService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
categoryService - Property in CategoryAdminController
CategoryService() - Constructor in CategoryService
chance - Property in QuestStep
character - Property in HighScore
ChatMessage - Class in
ChatMessage() - Constructor in ChatMessage
ChatterBox - Class in
ChatterBox() - Constructor in ChatterBox
ChatterBoxController - Class in
ChatterBoxController() - Constructor in ChatterBoxController
checkAdversary(PlayerCharacter, PlayerCharacter) - Method in MeleeService
checkAndEncodeBoolean(def, String, String) - Method in InputValidationService
checkAndEncodeInteger(def, String, String) - Method in InputValidationService
checkAndEncodeName(String, def) - Method in InputValidationService
Check if name is not null and does not consist of whitespace.
checkAndEncodeText(def, String, String) - Method in InputValidationService
Ensure that a given input field is not empty or blank and encode its content.
checkComponent(Component) - Method in PlayerCharacter
Check if the player character has enough of a specific component to produce an item.
checkDeath(def, def) - Method in FightService
checkEnum(def, def) - Method in InputValidationService
checkFinishedSkills() - Method in SkillService
checkMembership(PlayerCharacter, Guild) - Method in GuildMemberService
checkObject(def, String, def) - Method in InputValidationService
Load an object of the given class by its ID.
checkOpponentAlive(def, def) - Method in MeleeService
checkOrderName() - Method in GoblinOrderController
checkPlayerAccess(PlayerCharacter, Academy) - Method in AcademyService
Check if academy requires a guild
checkResources(ProductionJob) - Method in ProductionService
Check if the player has enough resources to pay for the production of an item.
checkRole(String) - Method in UserAccount
checkXmlText(def) - Method in InputValidationService
clazz - Property in GoblinScript
cleanupItems() - Method in ItemService
Search all items for those whose amount is 0 and delete them.
cma - Property in CombatMessageArg
coinPrice - Property in SkillSet
coins - Property in GoblinOrder
coins - Property in UserAccount
Combat - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.combat
Combat(PlayerCharacter, Mob) - Constructor in Combat
CombatAttributeAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
CombatAttributeAdminController() - Constructor in CombatAttributeAdminController
CombatAttributeType - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.combat
CombatAttributeType() - Constructor in CombatAttributeType
combatDice - Property in ItemType
CombatMessage - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.combat
CombatMessage(def, def) - Constructor in CombatMessage
CombatMessageArg - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.combat
CombatMessageArg(String) - Constructor in CombatMessageArg
CombatSkill - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.skill
A CombatSkill which grants the owner a set of bonuses, once for each level.
CombatSkill() - Constructor in CombatSkill
combineItems(Item, Item) - Method in ItemService
Component - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.crafting
Component() - Constructor in Component
ComponentAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ComponentAdminController() - Constructor in ComponentAdminController
ComponentType - Enum in de.dewarim.goblin
computeCombatSkill(String, def) - Method in Creature
computeDamage() - Method in Creature
computeDelay(String) - Method in LearningDelayer
computeInitiative() - Method in Creature
computeMaxProduction(Product, PlayerCharacter) - Method in ProductionService
Compute how many items of this product the PC can produce.
computeParry() - Method in Creature
computeStrike() - Method in Creature
computeTransferCost(Integer, Item) - Method in PostOfficeService
conditionScriptFile - Property in ItemAttributeCondition
ConditionScript is a groovy script which receives the Character and the currently checked item as params.
config - Property in Encounter
config - Property in ItemTypeFeature
Configuration parameters for the associated feature.
ConfigAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ConfigAdminController() - Constructor in ConfigAdminController
ConfigService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Configuration Service - this service will hand out global configuration data to any class that needs it.
ConfigService() - Constructor in ConfigService
configure() - Method in GoblinRouteBuilder
configValues - Property in ConfigService
confirmationMailSent - Property in UserAccount
confirmRegistration() - Method in PortalController
connectionFactoryLocal - Property in BootStrap
constraints - Property in Academy
constraints - Property in Artist
constraints - Property in ChatMessage
constraints - Property in ChatterBox
constraints - Property in Combat
constraints - Property in CombatAttributeType
constraints - Property in CombatSkill
constraints - Property in Creature
constraints - Property in Dice
constraints - Property in Encounter
constraints - Property in EquipmentSlot
constraints - Property in EquipmentSlotType
constraints - Property in Faction
constraints - Property in GlobalConfigEntry
constraints - Property in GoblinOrder
constraints - Property in GuildMember
constraints - Property in Image
constraints - Property in ItemType
constraints - Property in ItemTypeFeature
constraints - Property in License
constraints - Property in Mail
constraints - Property in Melee
constraints - Property in MeleeAction
constraints - Property in MeleeFighter
constraints - Property in Mob
constraints - Property in OrderApplication
constraints - Property in PlayerCharacter
constraints - Property in Product
constraints - Property in ProductCategory
constraints - Property in Quest
constraints - Property in QuestStep
constraints - Property in QuestTemplate
constraints - Property in ReputationMessageMap
constraints - Property in Role
constraints - Property in Shop
constraints - Property in ShopOwner
constraints - Property in Skill
constraints - Property in SkillSet
constraints - Property in Town
constraints - Property in UserAccount
content - Property in ChatMessage
content - Property in Mail
continueJob() - Method in ProductionJob
If a job contains the order to create multiple products
continueQuest(String) - Method in Quest
continueQuest() - Method in QuestController
Start a new Quest
countUnreadMail() - Method in MailBox
create() - Method in RoleController
Display the create new authority page.
create() - Method in UserController
createAcademyLevel(def, def) - Method in AcademyService
createDefaultAction(MeleeFighter, Map) - Method in MeleeService
The default action is to attack the first player available who is not the current player.
createLearningMessage(LearningQueueElement) - Method in AcademyController
createMelee() - Method in MeleeService
createMessage(def, String, List) - Method in PlayerMessageService
Create a new PlayerMessage based upon the character's settings, connect it with the specified player character, save it and return a reference.
createNewProductionJob(Product, PlayerCharacter, def) - Method in ProductionService
Create a new ProductionJob for the selected product.
createProduct(ProductionJob) - Method in ProductionService
Create the items which make up this product and delete the ProductionJob afterwards.
Creature - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Creature() - Constructor in Creature
CreatureAttribute - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Mapping class between Creature and CombatAttributeType.
CreatureAttribute() - Constructor in CreatureAttribute
CreatureSkill - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.skill
CreatureSkill() - Constructor in CreatureSkill
CronController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.cron
CronController() - Constructor in CronController
ctx - Property in GetReward
currentChar - Property in UserAccount
currentMelee - Property in PlayerCharacter
currentStep - Property in Quest


damage - Property in CombatSkill
damage - Property in Creature
damageModifier - Property in CreatureAttribute
damageModifier - Property in WeaponAttribute
datum - Property in PlayerMessage
DEAD - Enum Constant in FighterState
death() - Method in FightController
deaths - Property in PlayerCharacter
delete() - Method in AcademyAdminController
delete() - Method in ArtistAdminController
delete() - Method in CategoryAdminController
delete() - Method in CombatAttributeAdminController
delete() - Method in ComponentAdminController
Delete a message from a reputationMessageMap.
delete() - Method in ConfigAdminController
delete() - Method in DiceAdminController
delete() - Method in EncounterAdminController
delete() - Method in EquipmentSlotTypeAdminController
delete() - Method in FactionAdminController
delete() - Method in FeatureAdminController
delete() - Method in GuildAdminController
delete() - Method in ImageAdminController
delete() - Method in ItemAdminController
delete() - Method in ItemFeatureAdminController
delete() - Method in LicenseAdminController
delete() - Method in MobAdminController
delete() - Method in ProductAdminController
delete() - Method in ProductCategoryAdminController
delete() - Method in QuestAdminController
delete() - Method in QuestGiverAdminController
delete() - Method in QuestStepAdminController
delete() - Method in RepMessageAdminController
Delete a message from a reputationMessageMap.
delete() - Method in RmmAdminController
delete() - Method in RoleController
Delete an authority.
delete() - Method in ShopAdminController
delete() - Method in ShopOwnerAdminController
delete() - Method in SkillRequirementAdminController
Delete a message from a reputationMessageMap.
delete() - Method in TownAdminController
delete() - Method in UserController
Person delete action.
deleteComplete() - Method in GuildAcademy
Remove GuildAcademy from both relation sets and then delete it.
deleteFully() - Method in ItemCategory
deleteFully() - Method in MobImage
deleteFully() - Method in PlayerProduct
Remove the PlayerProduct from both ends of the relations (PlayerCharacter and Product) and delete it.
deleteFully() - Method in Product
deleteFully() - Method in ShopCategory
deleteFully() - Method in SkillRequirement
deleteFully() - Method in StepChild
deleteMail() - Method in MailBoxController
DeliverItem - Class in
DeliverItem() - Constructor in DeliverItem
denied() - Method in LoginController
Show denied page.
denyApplication - Property in GoblinOrderController
dependsOn - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
describe() - Method in AcademyController
Show the description of an academy.
describe() - Method in GoblinOrderController
describe() - Method in GuildController
describeQuest() - Method in QuestController
Describe a quest prior to the user starting it
description - Property in Academy
description - Property in Creature
description - Property in Faction
description - Property in GlobalConfigEntry
description - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
description - Property in GoblinOrder
description - Property in Guild
description - Property in Image
description - Property in ItemType
description - Property in License
description - Property in ProductCategory
description - Property in QuestGiver
description - Property in QuestStep
description - Property in QuestTemplate
description - Property in Role
description - Property in Shop
description - Property in ShopOwner
description - Property in SkillSet
description - Property in Town
description - Property in UserAccount
destroy - Property in BootStrap
Dice - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Dice() - Constructor in Dice
DiceAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
Dice administration.
DiceAdminController() - Constructor in DiceAdminController
displayed - Property in PlayerMessage
documentation - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
doRegister() - Method in PortalController
doWithApplicationContext - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
doWithDynamicMethods - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
doWithSpring - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
doWithWebDescriptor - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
dropItem() - Method in ItemController


edit() - Method in AcademyAdminController
edit() - Method in ArtistAdminController
edit() - Method in CategoryAdminController
edit() - Method in CombatAttributeAdminController
edit() - Method in ComponentAdminController
edit() - Method in ConfigAdminController
edit() - Method in DiceAdminController
edit() - Method in EncounterAdminController
edit() - Method in EquipmentSlotTypeAdminController
edit() - Method in FactionAdminController
edit() - Method in FeatureAdminController
edit() - Method in GuildAdminController
edit() - Method in ImageAdminController
edit() - Method in ItemAdminController
edit() - Method in ItemFeatureAdminController
edit() - Method in LicenseAdminController
edit() - Method in MobAdminController
edit() - Method in ProductAdminController
edit() - Method in ProductCategoryAdminController
edit() - Method in QuestAdminController
edit() - Method in QuestGiverAdminController
edit() - Method in QuestStepAdminController
edit() - Method in RepMessageAdminController
edit() - Method in RmmAdminController
edit() - Method in RoleController
Display the edit authority page.
edit() - Method in ShopAdminController
edit() - Method in ShopOwnerAdminController
edit() - Method in SkillRequirementAdminController
edit() - Method in TownAdminController
edit() - Method in UserController
editDescription() - Method in PlayerCharacterController
email - Property in UserAccount
EmailerService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Simple service for sending emails.
EmailerService() - Constructor in EmailerService
emailShow - Property in UserAccount
enabled - Property in UserAccount
encodePassword() - Method in UserAccount
Encounter - Class in
An encounter may be reused in many quests.
Encounter() - Constructor in Encounter
EncounterAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
EncounterAdminController() - Constructor in EncounterAdminController
EncounterMob - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.mob
Mapping class Encounter::MobTemplate
EncounterMob(Encounter, MobTemplate) - Constructor in EncounterMob
endOfQuest - Property in QuestStep
enoughResourcesSelected(Product, PlayerCharacter, def) - Method in ProductionService
Check if a player has selected enough resources to create a given product.
entryFee - Property in Guild
entryValue - Property in GlobalConfigEntry
equals(def) - Method in Academy
equals(def) - Method in AcademyLevel
equals(def) - Method in AcademySkillSet
equals(def) - Method in AddressBook
equals(def) - Method in Artist
equals(def) - Method in Category
equals(def) - Method in ChatMessage
equals(def) - Method in ChatterBox
equals(def) - Method in Combat
equals(def) - Method in CombatAttributeType
equals(def) - Method in CombatMessage
equals(def) - Method in CombatMessageArg
equals(def) - Method in CombatSkill
equals(def) - Method in Component
equals(def) - Method in Creature
equals(def) - Method in CreatureAttribute
equals(def) - Method in CreatureSkill
equals(def) - Method in Dice
equals(def) - Method in Encounter
equals(def) - Method in EncounterMob
equals(def) - Method in EquipmentSlot
equals(def) - Method in EquipmentSlotType
equals(def) - Method in Faction
equals(def) - Method in Feature
equals(def) - Method in GlobalConfigEntry
Global Entries: coins.price.create_order = Coins needed to create a new order.
equals(def) - Method in GoblinOrder
equals(def) - Method in GoblinScript
equals(def) - Method in Guild
equals(def) - Method in GuildAcademy
equals(def) - Method in GuildMember
equals(def) - Method in Help
equals(def) - Method in HighScore
equals(def) - Method in Image
equals(def) - Method in Item
equals(def) - Method in ItemAttribute
equals(def) - Method in ItemAttributeCondition
equals(def) - Method in ItemCategory
equals(def) - Method in ItemType
equals(def) - Method in ItemTypeFeature
equals(def) - Method in LearningQueueElement
equals(def) - Method in License
equals(def) - Method in Mail
equals(def) - Method in MailBox
equals(def) - Method in MailBoxType
equals(def) - Method in Melee
equals(def) - Method in MeleeAction
equals(def) - Method in MeleeFighter
equals(def) - Method in Mob
equals(def) - Method in MobImage
equals(def) - Method in MobTemplate
equals(def) - Method in OrderApplication
equals(def) - Method in PlayerCharacter
equals(def) - Method in PlayerMessage
equals(def) - Method in PlayerProduct
equals(def) - Method in Product
equals(def) - Method in ProductCategory
equals(def) - Method in ProductionJob
equals(def) - Method in ProductionResource
equals(def) - Method in Quest
equals(def) - Method in QuestGiver
equals(def) - Method in QuestStep
equals(def) - Method in QuestTemplate
equals(def) - Method in Reputation
equals(def) - Method in ReputationMessage
equals(def) - Method in ReputationMessageMap
equals(def) - Method in RequiredSlot
equals(def) - Method in Role
equals(def) - Method in Shop
equals(def) - Method in ShopCategory
equals(def) - Method in ShopOwner
equals(def) - Method in Skill
equals(def) - Method in SkillRequirement
equals(def) - Method in SkillSet
equals(def) - Method in StepChild
equals(def) - Method in Town
equals(def) - Method in UserAccount
equals(def) - Method in UserProperty
equals(def) - Method in UserRole
equals(def) - Method in WeaponAttribute
equipItem(Item) - Method in Creature
equipItem() - Method in ItemController
EquipmentSlot - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Mapping class between EquipmentSlotType and Creature.
EquipmentSlot() - Constructor in EquipmentSlot
EquipmentSlotType - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
EquipmentSlotType() - Constructor in EquipmentSlotType
EquipmentSlotTypeAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
EquipmentSlotTypeAdminController() - Constructor in EquipmentSlotTypeAdminController
equipped - Property in Item
eventListener(def) - Method in LearningListenerService
execute(PlayerCharacter, Quest, String) - Method in DeliverItem
execute(PlayerCharacter, Quest, String) - Method in GetReward
execute(PlayerCharacter, Collection, Item, String) - Method in HealSelf_1W6
execute(PlayerCharacter, Collection, Item, String) - Method in ICombatScript
execute(PlayerCharacter, Quest, String) - Method in IEncounterScript
execute(Product, ProductionJob) - Method in IProductionScript
execute(PlayerCharacter, CreatureSkill, String) - Method in ISkillScript
execute(PlayerCharacter, Quest, String) - Method in PickupItem
executeAction(MeleeAction) - Method in MeleeService
executeEncounterScript(QuestStep, PlayerCharacter) - Method in QuestService
executeFeature(Feature, String, PlayerCharacter, Collection, Item) - Method in FeatureService
executeScript(Encounter, PlayerCharacter) - Method in QuestService
extractItemListFromParams(def) - Method in ProductionService
An item has an html input field with name item_$id.


Faction - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.reputation
A faction is an entity (or group) with which a player character may earn a certain Reputation.
Faction() - Constructor in Faction
faction - Property in ReputationMessageMap
FactionAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
Faction administration.
FactionAdminController() - Constructor in FactionAdminController
Feature - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Features allow Items to have scripts associated with them which the user can execute by activating the item.
Feature() - Constructor in Feature
feature - Property in MeleeAction
The feature of the item to be used.
FeatureAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
FeatureAdminController() - Constructor in FeatureAdminController
featureConfig - Property in MeleeAction
FeatureService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Supply effects for items.
FeatureService() - Constructor in FeatureService
featureService - Property in ItemController
featureService - Property in MeleeService
fetchAccessibleAcademies(PlayerCharacter, Integer, Integer) - Method in AcademyService
Find all Academies to which a player has access - this includes both the ones which are open to anybody and the ones to which the player has access through her guild memberships.
fetchAccessibleAcademyCount(PlayerCharacter) - Method in AcademyService
fetchAction(def) - Method in MeleeService
@return a player's current meleeAction (or null if he has not selected one yet)
fetchArchiveBox() - Method in PlayerCharacter
fetchArgs() - Method in CombatMessage
fetchAvailableQuestsByQuestGiver(QuestGiver, PlayerCharacter) - Method in QuestService
fetchCategoryList(Shop) - Method in ShopService
fetchCoinPrice() - Method in AcademySkillSet
fetchCombatAttributeType() - Method in CreatureAttribute
fetchCombatAttributeType() - Method in ICombatAttribute
fetchCombatAttributeType() - Method in WeaponAttribute
fetchCombatSkills() - Method in Creature
fetchDamageModifier() - Method in CreatureAttribute
fetchDamageModifier() - Method in ICombatAttribute
fetchDamageModifier() - Method in WeaponAttribute
fetchDefaultChatterBox() - Method in GoblinOrder
fetchDescription(Integer) - Method in Faction
fetchEquipment() - Method in Creature
fetchEquipment() - Method in PlayerCharacterController
fetchFirstMob() - Method in Combat
Currently, a combat has only one mob.
fetchGoldPrice() - Method in AcademySkillSet
fetchGuilds(PlayerCharacter, Integer, Integer) - Method in GuildMemberService
fetchInbox() - Method in PlayerCharacter
fetchInputItems() - Method in Product
fetchItem(PlayerCharacter) - Method in BaseController
fetchItemCategoryTypeMap(Collection) - Method in ItemService
To display the items of a shop sorted by their category, we need a map of Category:List(Type)
fetchItemCombatAttributeMap() - Method in Creature
fetchItemCountMapFromParams(def) - Method in ProductionService
Turn the item ids in the HTTP request into a map of [itemType::amount]
fetchItemMap(Product, PlayerCharacter) - Method in ProductionService
Go through the player character's items and collect a map(component,List::item) of those items which may be used to create the product.
fetchItemTypes(Shop) - Method in ItemService
fetchMailBox(PlayerCharacter) - Method in MailBoxController
Fetch the mailbox specified by (or the inbox).
fetchMails(def, def) - Method in MailBoxController
fetchMeleeFighter(def) - Method in MeleeService
@param pc the PlayerCharacter whose MeleeFighter entry you need.
fetchMessages() - Method in PlayerCharacterController
fetchNextQuestStep() - Method in Quest
Find the next QuestStep or, if no more steps are available, set the quest to finished and return null.
fetchOpenQuests() - Method in PlayerCharacter
fetchOutBox() - Method in PlayerCharacter
fetchOutputItems() - Method in Product
fetchPc() - Method in BaseController
Fetch the player character specified by the "pc" parameter.
fetchPlayerMessages(def) - Method in PlayerMessageService
fetchProductionSkills() - Method in Creature
fetchReputationMessage(Integer) - Method in ReputationMessageMap
fetchResistanceAttributeMap(Creature) - Method in Creature
fetchResistanceAttributeMap(Creature) - Method in Mob
fetchSelectedItemTypes(Category) - Method in CategoryService
Generate a list of all item types that are associated with this category.
fetchSelectedShops(Category) - Method in CategoryService
Generate a list of all shops that are associated with this category.
fetchTools() - Method in Product
fetchUsableItems(PlayerCharacter) - Method in ItemService
Fetch a list of all usable items a player character has on his person.
fetchUser() - Method in BaseController
fetchValue(String, String) - Method in GlobalConfigService
fetchValueAsInt(String, Integer) - Method in GlobalConfigService
fetchViewParameters(PlayerCharacter) - Method in MeleeController
fetchWares(Shop) - Method in ShopController
fetchXpPrice() - Method in AcademySkillSet
fight() - Method in FightController
fight(Combat, PlayerCharacter, Mob) - Method in FightService
FIGHT - Enum Constant in MeleeActionType
FightController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
FightController() - Constructor in FightController
FighterState - Enum in de.dewarim.goblin
Defines the state of a MeleeFighter
fightIsOver(Melee) - Method in MeleeService
fightMelee(Melee) - Method in MeleeService
FightService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
fightService - Property in FightController
FightService() - Constructor in FightService
filterItemTypesByCategory(Collection, List) - Method in ItemService
filters - Property in SecurityFilters
filters - Property in UserFilters
filterSkillSets(PlayerCharacter, Academy) - Method in AcademyService
findFirstStep() - Method in QuestTemplate
findOrCreateMelee() - Method in MeleeService
findTreasure(Mob, PlayerCharacter) - Method in TreasureService
finished - Property in Combat
FINISHED - Enum Constant in MeleeStatus
finished - Property in Quest
finished - Property in QueueElement
finishedDate - Property in Quest
finishQuest() - Method in QuestController
firstStep - Property in QuestStep
If this QuestStep is the first part of a Quest, set this to true.
fixReputation(ReputationMessage) - Method in RepMessageAdminController
flee() - Method in FightController
full() - Method in LoginController
Login page for users with a remember-me cookie but accessing a IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY page.


GeneralSkill - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.skill
GeneralSkill() - Constructor in GeneralSkill
getAuthorities() - Method in UserAccount
getConfigValue(String) - Method in ConfigService
getItems() - Method in Creature
getItems() - Method in ItemType
getPMS(def) - Method in HealSelf_1W6
GetReward - Class in
GetReward() - Constructor in GetReward
GlobalConfigEntry - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Define global configuration values.
GlobalConfigEntry() - Constructor in GlobalConfigEntry
GlobalConfigService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
globalConfigService - Property in AcademyService
globalConfigService - Property in ChatterBoxController
GlobalConfigService() - Constructor in GlobalConfigService
globalConfigService - Property in GoblinOrderController
globalConfigService - Property in MeleeService
globalConfigService - Property in PortalController
GoblinGrailsPlugin - Class in GoblinGrailsPlugin
GoblinGrailsPlugin() - Constructor in GoblinGrailsPlugin
GoblinOrder - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc
GoblinOrder() - Constructor in GoblinOrder
GoblinOrderController - Class in
GoblinOrderController() - Constructor in GoblinOrderController
GoblinRouteBuilder - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.routes
This class is unused.
GoblinRouteBuilder() - Constructor in GoblinRouteBuilder
GoblinScript - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
There are some objects that may reference Groovy or Java script classes, for example instances of class "Encounter".
GoblinScript() - Constructor in GoblinScript
gold - Property in Creature
goldPrice - Property in SkillSet
goldValue - Property in Item
grailsApplication - Property in BootStrap
grailsApplication - Property in MyMailService
grailsVersion - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
groovyPageRenderer - Property in PortalController
groupId - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
Guild - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.guild
Guild() - Constructor in Guild
GuildAcademy - Class in
Mapping class between Guild and Academy.
GuildAcademy(Guild, Academy) - Constructor in GuildAcademy
Create a new GuildAcademy instance and add it to both relation sets (in guild.guildAcademies and academy.guildAcademies)
GuildAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
GuildAdminController() - Constructor in GuildAdminController
GuildController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
GuildController() - Constructor in GuildController
GuildMember - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.guild
GuildMember() - Constructor in GuildMember
GuildMemberService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
guildMemberService - Property in BootStrap
guildMemberService - Property in GuildController
GuildMemberService() - Constructor in GuildMemberService


hashCode() - Method in Academy
hashCode() - Method in AcademyLevel
hashCode() - Method in AcademySkillSet
hashCode() - Method in AddressBook
hashCode() - Method in Artist
hashCode() - Method in Category
hashCode() - Method in ChatMessage
hashCode() - Method in ChatterBox
hashCode() - Method in Combat
hashCode() - Method in CombatAttributeType
hashCode() - Method in CombatMessage
hashCode() - Method in CombatMessageArg
hashCode() - Method in CombatSkill
hashCode() - Method in Component
hashCode() - Method in Creature
hashCode() - Method in CreatureAttribute
hashCode() - Method in CreatureSkill
hashCode() - Method in Dice
hashCode() - Method in Encounter
hashCode() - Method in EncounterMob
hashCode() - Method in EquipmentSlot
hashCode() - Method in EquipmentSlotType
hashCode() - Method in Faction
hashCode() - Method in Feature
hashCode() - Method in GlobalConfigEntry
hashCode() - Method in GoblinOrder
hashCode() - Method in GoblinScript
hashCode() - Method in Guild
hashCode() - Method in GuildAcademy
hashCode() - Method in GuildMember
hashCode() - Method in Help
hashCode() - Method in HighScore
hashCode() - Method in Image
hashCode() - Method in Item
hashCode() - Method in ItemAttribute
hashCode() - Method in ItemAttributeCondition
hashCode() - Method in ItemCategory
hashCode() - Method in ItemType
hashCode() - Method in ItemTypeFeature
hashCode() - Method in LearningQueueElement
hashCode() - Method in License
hashCode() - Method in Mail
hashCode() - Method in MailBox
hashCode() - Method in MailBoxType
hashCode() - Method in Melee
hashCode() - Method in MeleeAction
hashCode() - Method in MeleeFighter
hashCode() - Method in Mob
hashCode() - Method in MobImage
hashCode() - Method in MobTemplate
hashCode() - Method in OrderApplication
hashCode() - Method in PlayerCharacter
hashCode() - Method in PlayerMessage
hashCode() - Method in PlayerProduct
hashCode() - Method in Product
hashCode() - Method in ProductCategory
hashCode() - Method in ProductionJob
hashCode() - Method in ProductionResource
hashCode() - Method in Quest
hashCode() - Method in QuestGiver
hashCode() - Method in QuestStep
hashCode() - Method in QuestTemplate
hashCode() - Method in Reputation
hashCode() - Method in ReputationMessage
hashCode() - Method in ReputationMessageMap
hashCode() - Method in RequiredSlot
hashCode() - Method in Role
hashCode() - Method in Shop
hashCode() - Method in ShopCategory
hashCode() - Method in ShopOwner
hashCode() - Method in Skill
hashCode() - Method in SkillRequirement
hashCode() - Method in SkillSet
hashCode() - Method in StepChild
hashCode() - Method in Town
hashCode() - Method in UserAccount
hashCode() - Method in UserProperty
hashCode() - Method in UserRole
hashCode() - Method in WeaponAttribute
hasMany - Property in Academy
hasMany - Property in AcademySkillSet
hasMany - Property in AddressBook
hasMany - Property in Artist
hasMany - Property in Category
hasMany - Property in ChatterBox
hasMany - Property in Combat
hasMany - Property in CombatAttributeType
hasMany - Property in CombatMessage
hasMany - Property in Creature
hasMany - Property in Encounter
hasMany - Property in EquipmentSlotType
hasMany - Property in Faction
hasMany - Property in Feature
hasMany - Property in GoblinOrder
hasMany - Property in Guild
hasMany - Property in Image
hasMany - Property in Item
attributes: passive effects like resist fire, see invisible.
hasMany - Property in ItemAttribute
hasMany - Property in ItemType
hasMany - Property in MailBox
hasMany - Property in MailBoxType
hasMany - Property in Melee
hasMany - Property in MobTemplate
hasMany - Property in PlayerCharacter
hasMany - Property in Product
hasMany - Property in ProductCategory
hasMany - Property in ProductionJob
hasMany - Property in QuestGiver
hasMany - Property in QuestStep
hasMany - Property in QuestTemplate
hasMany - Property in ReputationMessageMap
hasMany - Property in Role
hasMany - Property in Shop
hasMany - Property in ShopOwner
hasMany - Property in Skill
hasMany - Property in SkillSet
hasMany - Property in Town
hasMany - Property in UserAccount
HealSelf_1W6 - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.item.script
HealSelf_1W6() - Constructor in HealSelf_1W6
height - Property in Image
Help - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Basic class for help texts.
Help() - Constructor in Help
HelpController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Render a help template using message ids and template names..
HelpController() - Constructor in HelpController
HighScore - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
highscore() - Method in FightController
HighScore() - Constructor in HighScore
hp - Property in Creature


ICombatAttribute - Interface in de.dewarim.goblin
ICombatScript - Interface in de.dewarim.goblin
IEncounterScript - Interface in de.dewarim.goblin
Image - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
The base Image class is used for the game's graphical assets like mob pictures, a coat of arms for a guild or the item images.
Image() - Constructor in Image
image - Property in Mob
ImageAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ImageAdminController() - Constructor in ImageAdminController
imprint() - Method in PortalController
includesCombat - Property in Encounter
incomeTax - Property in Guild
index() - Method in AcademyAdminController
index() - Method in AcademyController
Provide an overview of available academies
index() - Method in AdminController
index() - Method in ArtistAdminController
index() - Method in CaptchaController
index() - Method in CategoryAdminController
index() - Method in CombatAttributeAdminController
index() - Method in ComponentAdminController
Manage the components of a specific product.
index() - Method in ConfigAdminController
index() - Method in DiceAdminController
index() - Method in EncounterAdminController
index() - Method in EquipmentSlotTypeAdminController
index() - Method in FactionAdminController
index() - Method in FeatureAdminController
index() - Method in FightController
index() - Method in GoblinOrderController
Show the main order screen
index() - Method in GuildAdminController
index() - Method in GuildController
Main overview of guilds
index() - Method in ImageAdminController
index() - Method in ItemAdminController
index() - Method in ItemFeatureAdminController
index() - Method in LicenseAdminController
index() - Method in LoginController
Default action; redirects to 'defaultTargetUrl' if logged in, /login/auth otherwise.
index() - Method in LogoutController
Index action.
index() - Method in MailBoxController
Show mailbox area
index() - Method in MeleeController
Show list of current melee fighters and allow player to join in.
index() - Method in MobAdminController
index() - Method in PortalController
index() - Method in PostOfficeController
Main overview of post office
index() - Method in ProductAdminController
index() - Method in ProductCategoryAdminController
index() - Method in QuestAdminController
index() - Method in QuestGiverAdminController
index() - Method in QuestStepAdminController
index() - Method in RepMessageAdminController
index() - Method in RmmAdminController
index() - Method in RoleController
index() - Method in ShopAdminController
index() - Method in ShopOwnerAdminController
index() - Method in SkillRequirementAdminController
Manage the SkillRequirements of a specific product.
index() - Method in TownAdminController
index() - Method in UserController
init - Property in BootStrap
initAcademy(Town) - Method in BootStrap
initArmor() - Method in BootStrap
initCategories() - Method in BootStrap
initCombatModifiers() - Method in BootStrap
initElfQuest() - Method in BootStrap
initEquipmentSlotTypes() - Method in BootStrap
initFactions() - Method in BootStrap
initGlobalSettings() - Method in BootStrap
initGuilds() - Method in BootStrap
initHelp() - Method in BootStrap
initializeEquipmentSlots() - Method in PlayerCharacter
A player character should have individual EquipmentSlots, as they may very well be removed...
initializeMailboxes() - Method in PlayerCharacter
initializePlayerCharacter() - Method in PlayerCharacter
initializeQuest() - Method in Quest
initiative - Property in CombatSkill
initiative - Property in Creature
initiative - Property in MeleeAction
initItem(Integer) - Method in Item
initItems(PlayerCharacter) - Method in BootStrap
initLicenses() - Method in BootStrap
initMailBoxTypes() - Method in BootStrap
initMob() - Method in Mob
initMobTemplates() - Method in BootStrap
initMushroomQuest() - Method in BootStrap
initOrders(PlayerCharacter) - Method in BootStrap
initParams - Property in Skill
initPlayer(def) - Method in BootStrap
initQuests() - Method in BootStrap
initScripts() - Method in BootStrap
initShop() - Method in BootStrap
initSkill(PlayerCharacter) - Method in ProductionSkill
Initialize this skill.
initSkill(PlayerCharacter) - Method in Skill
initStrawManQuest() - Method in BootStrap
initTown() - Method in BootStrap
initWeapons() - Method in BootStrap
INPUT - Enum Constant in ComponentType
InputValidationService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
This class is responsible for input validation and encoding.
inputValidationService - Property in BaseController
InputValidationService() - Constructor in InputValidationService
internalName - Property in Feature
intro - Property in QuestStep
IProductionScript - Interface in de.dewarim.goblin
isAjax(def) - Method in UserFilters
ISkillScript - Interface in de.dewarim.goblin
issueManagement - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
Item - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.item
item - Property in EquipmentSlot
Item(ItemType, PlayerCharacter) - Constructor in Item
item - Property in MeleeAction
In case the player uses an item as his melee action, it's stored here.
ItemAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ItemAdminController() - Constructor in ItemAdminController
ItemAttribute - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.item
ItemAttribute() - Constructor in ItemAttribute
ItemAttributeCondition - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.item
ItemAttributeCondition() - Constructor in ItemAttributeCondition
ItemCategory - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.item
Mapping class between ItemType and Category
ItemCategory(ItemType, String) - Constructor in ItemCategory
ItemController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
ItemController() - Constructor in ItemController
ItemFeatureAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ItemFeatureAdminController() - Constructor in ItemFeatureAdminController
ItemLocation - Enum in de.dewarim.goblin
ItemService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.item
ItemService: provide a list of item types for shops.
itemService - Property in CronController
itemService - Property in ItemController
ItemService() - Constructor in ItemService
itemService - Property in MeleeController
itemService - Property in MeleeService
itemService - Property in ShopController
ItemType - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.item
itemType - Property in Component
ItemType() - Constructor in ItemType
ItemTypeFeature - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.item
Mapping class between ItemType and Feature.
ItemTypeFeature(ItemType, Feature) - Constructor in ItemTypeFeature
Constructor to create a correctly initialized ItemTypeFeature instance.


jmsTemplate - Property in AcademyController
join() - Method in GuildController
Join a guild
join() - Method in MeleeController
Join a melee round.
joinGuild(PlayerCharacter, Guild) - Method in AcademyService
joinGuild(PlayerCharacter, Guild) - Method in GuildMemberService
joinMelee(PlayerCharacter, Melee) - Method in MeleeService


kickMember - Property in GoblinOrderController
killer - Property in HighScore


landing() - Method in PortalController
The landing page (start page of Little Goblin)
lastExecutedStep - Property in Quest
lastPasswordReset - Property in UserAccount
leader - Property in GoblinOrder
learning() - Method in CronController
LearningDelayer - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.camel
learningDelayer - Property in GoblinRouteBuilder
LearningDelayer() - Constructor in LearningDelayer
LearningListenerService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.camel
Receives activeMQ messages whenever a player character learns a new skill
LearningListenerService() - Constructor in LearningListenerService
LearningQueueElement - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.skill
LearningQueueElement() - Constructor in LearningQueueElement
learningTime - Property in SkillSet
learnSkillSet() - Method in AcademyController
leave() - Method in GoblinOrderController
leave() - Method in GuildController
Leave a guild
leave() - Method in MeleeController
Leave a melee round.
leaveGuild(PlayerCharacter, Guild) - Method in AcademyService
leaveGuild(PlayerCharacter, Guild) - Method in GuildMemberService
leaveMelee(PlayerCharacter, Melee) - Method in MeleeService
level - Property in AcademyLevel
level - Property in CreatureSkill
level - Property in PlayerCharacter
level - Property in QuestTemplate
level - Property in Reputation
level - Property in SkillRequirement
The minimum required level of the skill.
License - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Describes the license of an asset, for example an image.
license - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
license - Property in Image
License() - Constructor in License
LicenseAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
LicenseAdminController() - Constructor in LicenseAdminController
list() - Method in AcademyController
List academies [Ajax]
list() - Method in AddressBookController
list() - Method in GoblinOrderController
List all orders
list() - Method in GuildController
List guilds [Ajax]
list() - Method in RoleController
Display the list authority page.
list() - Method in UserController
listFighters(Melee) - Method in MeleeService
listMails() - Method in MailBoxController
render list of mails
listProductionJobs() - Method in ProductionController
listProducts() - Method in ProductionController
listQuestGivers(PlayerCharacter, Boolean) - Method in QuestService
loadInventory() - Method in PostOfficeController
locale - Property in UserAccount
location - Property in Item
log - Property in DeliverItem
log - Property in GetReward
log - Property in GoblinRouteBuilder
log - Property in LearningDelayer
login() - Method in BaseTest
LoginController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
LoginController() - Constructor in LoginController
LogoutController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
LogoutController() - Constructor in LogoutController


Mail - Class in
Mail() - Constructor in Mail
MailBox - Class in
MailBox(PlayerCharacter, MailBoxType) - Constructor in MailBox
MailBoxController - Class in
MailBoxController() - Constructor in MailBoxController
MailBoxType - Class in
MailBoxType() - Constructor in MailBoxType
mailConfirmationToken - Property in UserAccount
mailMessage - Property in EmailerService
mailProps - Property in MyMailService
mailSender - Property in EmailerService
makeProducts() - Method in CronController
makeProducts() - Method in ProductionService
Go through the list of ProductionJobs and try to create each product if the PC has the required amount of products ready.
male - Property in Creature
mappedBy - Property in QuestStep
mapping - Property in Combat
mapping - Property in GuildMember
mapping - Property in LearningQueueElement
mapping - Property in PlayerCharacter
mapping - Property in StepChild
mappings - Property in UrlMappings
MAX_ITEMS_PER_RUN - Property in Product
maxHp - Property in Creature
Melee - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.combat
melee() - Method in CronController
Melee() - Constructor in Melee
melee - Property in MeleeAction
MeleeAction - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.combat
A MeleeAction is an action by a player during a Grand Melee fight.
MeleeAction() - Constructor in MeleeAction
MeleeActionType - Enum in de.dewarim.goblin
MeleeAction: define what type of action a player performs during a grand melee fight.
MeleeController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
MeleeController() - Constructor in MeleeController
MeleeFighter - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.combat
MeleeFighter(Melee, PlayerCharacter) - Constructor in MeleeFighter
meleeIsReady(Melee) - Method in MeleeService
MeleeService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
meleeService - Property in CronController
meleeService - Property in MeleeController
MeleeService() - Constructor in MeleeService
MeleeStatus - Enum in de.dewarim.goblin
messageId - Property in Help
messageId - Property in ReputationMessage
The message id for this reputation message.
messages - Property in ChatterBox
MessageSenderService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.camel
Class is currently deactivated as I have decided to not use Camel at the moment.
messageSenderService - Property in AcademyController
MessageSenderService() - Constructor in MessageSenderService
messageSource - Property in PlayerMessageService
Mob - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.mob
Mob() - Constructor in Mob
MobAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
MobAdminController() - Constructor in MobAdminController
MobImage - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.mob
Mapping class between MobTemplate and Image.
MobImage(MobTemplate, Image) - Constructor in MobImage
MobTemplate - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.mob
MobTemplate() - Constructor in MobTemplate
MonsterDeadException - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.exception
MonsterDeadException() - Constructor in MonsterDeadException
msg - Property in CombatMessage
MyMailService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
MyMailService() - Constructor in MyMailService
myMailService - Property in PortalController


name - Property in Academy
name - Property in Artist
name - Property in Category
name - Property in ChatterBox
name - Property in CombatAttributeType
name - Property in Creature
name - Property in Dice
name - Property in Encounter
name - Property in EquipmentSlot
name - Property in EquipmentSlotType
name - Property in Faction
name - Property in Feature
name - Property in GlobalConfigEntry
name - Property in GoblinOrder
name - Property in GoblinScript
name - Property in Guild
name - Property in Image
name - Property in ItemType
name - Property in License
name - Property in MailBoxType
name - Property in Product
name - Property in ProductCategory
name - Property in QuestGiver
name - Property in QuestStep
Internal name
name - Property in QuestTemplate
name - Property in ReputationMessageMap
name - Property in Role
ROLE String
name - Property in Shop
Name of the Shop
name - Property in ShopOwner
name - Property in Skill
name - Property in SkillSet
name - Property in Town
name - Property in UserProperty
needsUser - Property in UserFilters
newFighterAllowed(PlayerCharacter, Melee) - Method in MeleeService
Check if a player character is already on the team or has quit previously (by leaving or dying).
nextStep() - Method in QuestController
notifyPlayerOfDeath(def, def) - Method in MeleeService
Send a "you are dead"-message to the player.
notifyPlayerOfVictory(def, def) - Method in MeleeService
Send a "X is dead"-message to the survivor.
notifyWinner(Melee) - Method in MeleeService


ON_PERSON - Enum Constant in ItemLocation
onChange - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
onConfigChange - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
onShutdown - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
OrderApplication - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc
OrderApplication() - Constructor in OrderApplication
OUTPUT - Enum Constant in ComponentType
owner - Property in Item


packageSize - Property in ItemType
parry - Property in CombatSkill
parry - Property in Creature
pass - Property in UserAccount
plain password to create a MD5 password
passwd - Property in UserAccount
MD5 Password
passwordExpired - Property in UserAccount
payForSkillSet(PlayerCharacter, AcademySkillSet) - Method in AcademyService
pc - Property in MeleeFighter
pcMessage - Property in PlayerMessage
PickupItem - Class in
PickupItem() - Constructor in PickupItem
place - Property in MeleeFighter
PlayerCharacter - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc
PlayerCharacter() - Constructor in PlayerCharacter
PlayerCharacterController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
PlayerCharacterController() - Constructor in PlayerCharacterController
PlayerDeadException - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.exception
PlayerDeadException() - Constructor in PlayerDeadException
PlayerMessage - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc
PlayerMessage() - Constructor in PlayerMessage
PlayerMessageService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
playerMessageService - Property in GetReward
playerMessageService - Property in MeleeService
playerMessageService - Property in PlayerCharacterController
PlayerMessageService() - Constructor in PlayerMessageService
PlayerProduct - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.crafting
PlayerProduct() - Constructor in PlayerProduct
pluginExcludes - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
PortalController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.landing
PortalController() - Constructor in PortalController
PostOfficeController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
PostOfficeController() - Constructor in PostOfficeController
PostOfficeService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.item
postOfficeService - Property in PostOfficeController
PostOfficeService() - Constructor in PostOfficeService
postpone() - Method in ProductionJob
Add one hour to the "finished" time of this ProductionJob and reduce the ttl by one.
premiumMember - Property in UserAccount
priceModifier - Property in ShopOwner
The value generated by the priceModifierDice is stored in priceModifier.
priceModifierDice - Property in ShopOwner
This dice is the factor by how many % the price of items will be adjusted.
Product - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.crafting
A product is something which can be crafted by a player.
Product() - Constructor in Product
ProductAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ProductAdminController() - Constructor in ProductAdminController
ProductCategory - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.crafting
ProductCategory() - Constructor in ProductCategory
ProductCategoryAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ProductCategoryAdminController() - Constructor in ProductCategoryAdminController
ProductionController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
A product is something a player can create, given the necessary materials and skill requirements.
ProductionController() - Constructor in ProductionController
ProductionJob - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.crafting
ProductionJob() - Constructor in ProductionJob
ProductionResource - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.crafting
Mapping between a ProductionJob and an item that a player has selected as an input resource.
ProductionResource() - Constructor in ProductionResource
ProductionService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
productionService - Property in CronController
productionService - Property in ProductionController
ProductionService() - Constructor in ProductionService
ProductionSkill - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.skill
ProductionSkill() - Constructor in ProductionSkill
purgeGuildAcademies(def) - Method in Academy
Remove all guilds from guildList from this academy.


Quest - Class in
Quest() - Constructor in Quest
QuestAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
QuestAdminController() - Constructor in QuestAdminController
QuestController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
QuestController() - Constructor in QuestController
QuestGiver - Class in
QuestGiver() - Constructor in QuestGiver
QuestGiverAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
QuestGiverAdminController() - Constructor in QuestGiverAdminController
questLevel - Property in PlayerCharacter
QuestRequirement - Class in
Defines a prerequisite a player character has to fulfill to be eligible for a quest.
QuestRequirement() - Constructor in QuestRequirement
QuestService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
questService - Property in QuestController
QuestService() - Constructor in QuestService
questService - Property in TownController
QuestStep - Class in
QuestStep() - Constructor in QuestStep
QuestStepAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
QuestStepAdminController() - Constructor in QuestStepAdminController
QuestTemplate - Class in
QuestTemplate() - Constructor in QuestTemplate
QueueElement - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.skill
QueueElement() - Constructor in QueueElement
QUITTER - Enum Constant in FighterState


rank - Property in CombatMessageArg
rank - Property in EquipmentSlot
rechargeable - Property in ItemType
recipient - Property in Mail
refundLearningCost(LearningQueueElement) - Method in AcademyService
register() - Method in PortalController
reloadCategories() - Method in ShopController
removeCategory() - Method in ShopController
removeFaction(ReputationMessageMap) - Method in RmmService
removeMessage(ReputationMessage) - Method in RmmService
removeRecipient() - Method in AddressBookController
removeSkillSetFromLearningQueue(PlayerCharacter, AcademySkillSet) - Method in AcademyService
Remove an element from the player character's learning queue and move the other elements up by recalculating their finishing time.
renderException(Exception) - Method in BaseController
Render an exception by returning a 503 HTTP status code and the localized exception message as text content.
renderInventory() - Method in ItemController
RepMessageAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
RepMessageAdminController() - Constructor in RepMessageAdminController
repMessageMap - Property in Faction
Reputation - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.reputation
Mapping class between PlayerCharacter and Faction.
Reputation() - Constructor in Reputation
reputation - Property in ReputationMessage
ReputationMessage - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.reputation
A ReputationMessage describes a player character's current reputation status with a faction in a short text, for example: "The dwarves of Deep Mountain would buy you a beer anytime.".
ReputationMessage() - Constructor in ReputationMessage
ReputationMessageMap - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.reputation
The reputation with a given faction is internally an integer value.
ReputationMessageMap() - Constructor in ReputationMessageMap
requestAllowed() - Method in CronController
requiredLevel - Property in AcademySkillSet
RequiredSlot - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Mapping class between ItemType and EquipmentSlotType.
RequiredSlot(EquipmentSlotType, ItemType) - Constructor in RequiredSlot
Create a new RequiredSlot instance and add it to the relation instances (ItemType.requiredSlots and EquipmentSlotType.requiredSlots)
resources - Class in spring
resources() - Constructor in resources
resurrect() - Method in PlayerCharacter
rightSize(def) - Method in ChatterBox
RmmAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
RmmAdminController() - Constructor in RmmAdminController
RmmService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
rmmService - Property in RepMessageAdminController
rmmService - Property in RmmAdminController
RmmService() - Constructor in RmmService
Role - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Authority domain class.
Role() - Constructor in Role
RoleController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Authority Controller.
RoleController() - Constructor in RoleController
roll() - Method in Dice
roll_initiative(def, def) - Method in FightService
rollInitiative(Map) - Method in MeleeService
Compute the initiative value for all living fighters.
round - Property in Melee
round - Property in MeleeFighter
RUNNING - Enum Constant in MeleeStatus


salt - Property in UserAccount
save() - Method in AcademyAdminController
save() - Method in ArtistAdminController
save() - Method in CategoryAdminController
save() - Method in CombatAttributeAdminController
save() - Method in ComponentAdminController
Add a Component to a product.
save() - Method in ConfigAdminController
save() - Method in DiceAdminController
save() - Method in EncounterAdminController
save() - Method in EquipmentSlotTypeAdminController
save() - Method in FactionAdminController
save() - Method in FeatureAdminController
save() - Method in GoblinOrderController
create a new order
save() - Method in GuildAdminController
save() - Method in ImageAdminController
save() - Method in ItemAdminController
save() - Method in ItemFeatureAdminController
save() - Method in LicenseAdminController
save() - Method in MobAdminController
save() - Method in PlayerCharacterController
save() - Method in ProductAdminController
save() - Method in ProductCategoryAdminController
save() - Method in QuestAdminController
save() - Method in QuestGiverAdminController
save() - Method in QuestStepAdminController
save() - Method in RepMessageAdminController
Add a message to a reputationMessageMap.
save() - Method in RmmAdminController
save() - Method in RoleController
Save a new authority.
save() - Method in ShopAdminController
save() - Method in ShopOwnerAdminController
save() - Method in SkillRequirementAdminController
Add a SkillRequirement to a product.
save() - Method in TownAdminController
save() - Method in UserController
Person save action.
saveDescription() - Method in PlayerCharacterController
scm - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
score - Property in GoblinOrder
ScoreController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.landing
ScoreController() - Constructor in ScoreController
script - Property in Encounter
script - Property in Feature
script - Property in Skill
SecurityFilters - Class in
SecurityFilters() - Constructor in SecurityFilters
selectComponents() - Method in ProductionController
selectImage() - Method in MobTemplate
selectRandomMobType() - Method in FightController
sell() - Method in ShopController
sendAway() - Method in CronController
sendChatMessage() - Method in ChatterBoxController
sendEmails(def) - Method in EmailerService
Send a list of emails.
sender - Property in ChatMessage
sender - Property in Mail
sendItem() - Method in PostOfficeController
sendItem(Integer, Item, PlayerCharacter, PlayerCharacter) - Method in PostOfficeService
sendLearningMessage(def) - Method in MessageSenderService
sendMail() - Method in MailBoxController
Send a new mail
sendMail(def, def, def, def) - Method in MyMailService
sendMessage() - Method in MailBoxController
Send a message via AJAX form.
sent - Property in ChatMessage
sent - Property in Mail
session - Property in UserFilters
Shop - Class in
Shop() - Constructor in Shop
ShopAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ShopAdminController() - Constructor in ShopAdminController
ShopCategory - Class in
Mapping class between Shop and Category
ShopCategory(Shop, Category) - Constructor in ShopCategory
ShopController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
ShopController() - Constructor in ShopController
ShopOwner - Class in
Owner of a shop.
ShopOwner() - Constructor in ShopOwner
ShopOwnerAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
ShopOwnerAdminController() - Constructor in ShopOwnerAdminController
ShopService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
shopService - Property in ShopController
ShopService() - Constructor in ShopService
shortDescription - Property in Town
show() - Method in AcademyController
Show a single academy
show() - Method in GoblinOrderController
Create a new order
show() - Method in GuildController
show() - Method in PlayerCharacterController
show() - Method in QuestController
Show the current quest and quest step
show() - Method in RoleController
Display the show authority page.
show() - Method in ScoreController
The Highscore list
show() - Method in ShopController
show() - Method in TownController
show() - Method in UserController
showAllCategories() - Method in ShopController
showApplications() - Method in GoblinOrderController
showBox() - Method in MailBoxController
Show a mailbox
showChatterBox() - Method in ChatterBoxController
showImage() - Method in ImageAdminController
showInventory() - Method in ItemController
showMail() - Method in MailBoxController
render a single mail
showMembers() - Method in GoblinOrderController
showMyGuilds() - Method in GuildController
showMyOrder() - Method in GoblinOrderController
shown - Property in Mail
showQuestMaster() - Method in QuestController
showStep() - Method in QuestController
sides - Property in Dice
SimultaneousDeathException - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.exception
SimultaneousDeathException() - Constructor in SimultaneousDeathException
singleDie() - Method in Dice
Skill - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.skill
Skill() - Constructor in Skill
SkillRequirement - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.crafting
This is a mapping table between a Product and a Skill.
SkillRequirement() - Constructor in SkillRequirement
SkillRequirementAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
SkillRequirementAdminController() - Constructor in SkillRequirementAdminController
SkillService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
skillService - Property in CronController
SkillService() - Constructor in SkillService
SkillSet - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.pc.skill
SkillSet() - Constructor in SkillSet
SOURCECHARS - Field in CaptchaController
sourceUrl - Property in Image
spendResources(ProductionJob) - Method in ProductionService
Spend the required resources on a production job.
spentExperience - Property in PlayerCharacter
splitItem(Item, Integer) - Method in ItemService
springSecurityService - Property in BaseController
springSecurityService - Property in BootStrap
springSecurityService - Property in LoginController
Dependency injection for the springSecurityService.
springSecurityService - Property in UserAccount
springSecurityService - Property in UserController
stackable - Property in ItemType
start() - Method in PortalController
start - Property in Quest
started - Property in Combat
startLevel - Property in Faction
startLevel - Property in Skill
startMelee(Melee) - Method in MeleeService
startProduction() - Method in ProductionController
After the player has selected the required items for each component of this product, this method will try to create a ProductionJob for the chosen product.
startQuest() - Method in QuestController
Start a new Quest
startTime - Property in Melee
state - Property in MeleeFighter
status - Property in Melee
StepChild - Class in
Mapping class QuestStep to QuestStep (n:m parent-child relation).
StepChild(QuestStep, QuestStep) - Constructor in StepChild
stopLearning() - Method in AcademyController
strike - Property in CombatSkill
strike - Property in Creature
subject - Property in Mail
successful - Property in Quest
summonHelp() - Method in HelpController


target - Property in MeleeAction
teach(PlayerCharacter, SkillSet) - Method in SkillService
tellRequiredTime() - Method in AcademySkillSet
terminateJob(ProductionJob) - Method in ProductionService
Terminate a ProductionJob, either because the product is finished or because the player character has not been able to create this item.
timeNeeded - Property in Product
title - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
title - Property in QuestStep
TOOL - Enum Constant in ComponentType
toString() - Method in Dice
toString() - Method in PlayerProduct
Town - Class in
Implements a town (or comparable location) which the player may visit.
Town() - Constructor in Town
TownAdminController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.admin
TownAdminController() - Constructor in TownAdminController
TownController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
TownController() - Constructor in TownController
tr - Property in MeleeService
transactional - Property in EmailerService
transactional - Property in FightService
transactional - Property in GlobalConfigService
transactional - Property in InputValidationService
transactional - Property in PlayerMessageService
transactional - Property in ProductionService
transactional - Property in ShopService
transactional - Property in SkillService
transients - Property in UserAccount
TreasureService - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Purpose: based on a monster, create a list of items found on it.
treasureService - Property in FightController
TreasureService() - Constructor in TreasureService
ttl - Property in ProductionJob
Time to live - the PJ is examined several times until all components are available or until the ttl is down to 0.
type - Property in Component
type - Property in Item
type - Property in MeleeAction
typeIsArchive() - Method in MailBox


unequipItem(Item) - Method in Creature
unequipItem() - Method in ItemController
update() - Method in AcademyAdminController
update() - Method in ArtistAdminController
update() - Method in CategoryAdminController
update() - Method in CombatAttributeAdminController
update() - Method in ComponentAdminController
update() - Method in ConfigAdminController
update() - Method in DiceAdminController
update() - Method in EncounterAdminController
update() - Method in EquipmentSlotTypeAdminController
update() - Method in FactionAdminController
update() - Method in FeatureAdminController
update() - Method in GuildAdminController
update() - Method in ImageAdminController
update() - Method in ItemAdminController
update() - Method in ItemFeatureAdminController
update() - Method in LicenseAdminController
update() - Method in MobAdminController
update() - Method in ProductAdminController
update() - Method in ProductCategoryAdminController
update() - Method in QuestAdminController
update() - Method in QuestGiverAdminController
update() - Method in QuestStepAdminController
update() - Method in RepMessageAdminController
update() - Method in RmmAdminController
update() - Method in RoleController
Authority update action.
update() - Method in ShopAdminController
update() - Method in ShopOwnerAdminController
update() - Method in SkillRequirementAdminController
update() - Method in TownAdminController
update() - Method in UserController
Person update action.
updateActions() - Method in MeleeController
updateFields(def) - Method in AcademyAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in ArtistAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in CategoryAdminController
updateFields(Component) - Method in ComponentAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in ConfigAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in DiceAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in EncounterAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in FactionAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in FeatureAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in GuildAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in ImageAdminController
updateFields(ItemType) - Method in ItemAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in ItemFeatureAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in LicenseAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in MobAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in ProductAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in ProductCategoryAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in QuestAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in QuestGiverAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in QuestStepAdminController
updateFields(ReputationMessage) - Method in RepMessageAdminController
updateFields(ReputationMessageMap) - Method in RmmAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in ShopAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in ShopOwnerAdminController
updateFields(SkillRequirement) - Method in SkillRequirementAdminController
updateFields(def) - Method in TownAdminController
updateFighterList() - Method in MeleeController
updateFighters(Melee) - Method in MeleeService
updateGuildAcademies(Academy) - Method in AcademyAdminController
updateGuildAcademies(Guild) - Method in GuildAdminController
updateItemCategories(Category, def) - Method in CategoryService
updateRelations(def) - Method in CategoryAdminController
updateRequiredSlots() - Method in ItemAdminController
updateShopCategories(Category, def) - Method in CategoryService
upValue - Property in UserProperty
url - Property in Image
url - Property in License
UrlMappings - Class in UrlMappings
UrlMappings() - Constructor in UrlMappings
usable - Property in ItemType
USE_ITEM - Enum Constant in MeleeActionType
useItem() - Method in ItemController
Use an item belonging to the player in the context of a combat setting.
useItem() - Method in MeleeController
useItem(MeleeAction) - Method in MeleeService
Use an item during a melee fight.
UserAccount - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
User domain class.
UserAccount() - Constructor in UserAccount
UserController - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
NOTE: currently not used, was generated by Security Plugin.
UserController() - Constructor in UserController
UserFilters - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.filters
UserFilters() - Constructor in UserFilters
username - Property in UserAccount
UserProperty - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
userProperty - Property in ItemAttributeCondition
UserProperty() - Constructor in UserProperty
userRealName - Property in UserAccount
User Real Name
UserRole - Class in de.dewarim.goblin
Mapping class between User and Role.
UserRole(UserAccount, Role) - Constructor in UserRole
userRx - Property in UserFilters
uses - Property in Item
uses - Property in ItemType


valueOf(String) - Method in ComponentType
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Method in FighterState
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Method in ItemLocation
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Method in MeleeActionType
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
valueOf(String) - Method in MeleeStatus
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Method in ComponentType
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Method in FighterState
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Method in ItemLocation
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Method in MeleeActionType
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
values() - Method in MeleeStatus
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
verifyNextStep(QuestStep) - Method in Quest
Check if the given QuestStep is contained in the current QuestStep's list of subsequent quest steps.
verifyPcIsActiveFighter(def, def) - Method in MeleeService
version - Property in GoblinGrailsPlugin
victories - Property in PlayerCharacter
victory() - Method in FightController


WAITING - Enum Constant in MeleeStatus
wantsResetPassword - Property in UserAccount
If this flag is true, the user wants to reset his password.
WeaponAttribute - Class in de.dewarim.goblin.combat
Mapping between ItemType and CombatAttributeType.
WeaponAttribute() - Constructor in WeaponAttribute
website - Property in Artist
width - Property in Image
WINNER - Enum Constant in FighterState
winner - Property in Melee
workshop() - Method in ProductionController
Show the list of available product categories.
writeMail() - Method in MailBoxController
Write a new mail


xp - Property in HighScore
xp - Property in PlayerCharacter
xpPrice - Property in SkillSet
xpValue - Property in Mob
xpValue - Property in MobTemplate




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