Little Goblin


This page is currently under development. Links to individual feature pages will follow.

Little Goblin has many features, and some of them even have been implemented! If you got an idea for a new one or have suggestions for improvement, please contact me.

Social features

Social features help the players to keep in contact, interacting, organizing, socializing and competing with each other - as much as they want.


The quest system allows for the creation of simple one-step quests like "You meet a dragon. You die." and more complex ones with arbitrary length, random steps, scripted events and encounters.

Crafting and Production

Crafting or more generally the production of items are important concepts in browser games. With Little Goblin, you can setup complex chains of production, where players with the right prerequisites may produce all kinds of items.


Little Goblin evolved from the idea for a simple fantasy combat game to a whole browser game framework - and while the combat features need much more work and tweaking, at least the combat methods do work.


A good browser game needs to help you in two ways with administration: setup and running.

Items and Equipment

A player character may own and carry a number of items, or store them in his home. He can buy, sell, activate, craft and wield them. Items may have scripted effects, for example healing potions which restore your character's health.

Tech and learning

You can create complex tech trees with skills that are relevant for crafting, combat and quests.


Little Goblin strives to make resource management easier, so your pages may contain links to images, CSS files and other assets which can all be administrated through the GUI.