Little Goblin

Tools for Little Goblin

This page contains a list of tools that you may need if you want to start working on Little Goblin itself or a game project based upon the Little Goblin browser game framework.

IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA from Jetbrains is a very good all-round IDE, suitable for Grails, Java, Groovy and lots of other kinds of development tasks. A project specific open source license is also available if you are a project member of the Little Goblin development team and do not yet have a full version.

STS - SpringSource Tool Suite

An Eclipse based Java/Groovy/Grails IDE from the company that produces Groovy and Grails.


Eclipse a huge free IDE with many modules for things like subversion integration. You can always use this, although it does not offer the full Grails integration that other IDEs do.